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20 rules of quickly clean the house.

Sometimes in everyday life there are moments when the house cleaning fast becoming a necessity rather than a whim. It is easy, following the advice mentioned below in the issue as quick clean the apartment. You will need a little of time, and the result is striking.

We start with the kitchen, cleaning, which must no more than 12 minutes:

1. Direct the general procedure. To give the kitchen a clean look and a few update it, take a most of two minutes to remove all the items on the kitchen table, which are now no longer needed. The smaller objects on the kitchen surfaces, the cleaner and neater room itself seems cuisine.

2. Utensils. If you have a dishwasher, load it all the dishes and start the cycle. If you don't have the dishwasher - careful fold the dirty dishes in one of the kitchen cabinets, and when the guests leave, you will understand it.

3. Clean kitchen surfaces. With the help of special fabric of micro fiber wipe countertops and table movements from the far corner toward you, brushing dust and crumbs on the floor.

4. Wipe kitchen appliances. Walk light dampened cloth over the surfaces of the microwave oven, refrigerator, stove and other equipment that installed in your kitchen.

5. Takes over the floor. The most crucial moment. Sweep the kitchen, at the same time you should start from the far corner of the room and move to the exit. Next, wipe the floor using a mop with a sponge made of special microfiber. Start with the far corner and gradual move back to the door.

6. Unexpected complexity. Noticed on the counter or stove is difficult to scour the spot? Scraping with a metal object, you can leave scratches, which, of course, not permissible - try to use for this bank card, plastic will not leave scratches. Places scraped clean with a damp sponge rubber - this will help avoid divorce.

The next room apartments, which should removed - a bedroom, on the guidance of purity, we need no more than 10 minutes:

7. sweeping everything superfluous. Remove the bedding, which has traces of dirt, and throw it into a basket. Hide unnecessary items that lie on the surface of the dresser or dressing table in the nearby drawers or cabinets. To visual bedroom seemed clean, all surfaces must give a true spartan, which eliminates all unnecessary!

8. Refill bed. Many are losing precious minutes when trying to push the ends of the sheets direct between the end of the bed and mattress. It is much easier and faster to fill the bed, if you raise the mattress with one hand and put the edge of the sheets of the second hand, direct under him.

9. Struggling with dust. To achieve the highest quality results, use a dry microfiber cloth. Start with cleaning the furniture in the far corner of the room and move in the direction of clockwise. Wipe the surface of neat moves from the far corner of the object to itself, dust and debris on the floor fold. It is important that every part of the surface of furniture fabric should not touch more than once. No need to waste time and rub random in one place.

10. The vacuum cleaner floor surface. Start vacuuming is necessary to the far corner of the bedroom, gradual moving back to the door. To hurry the process, make sweeping and long arm movement. Come brush only once on one of the floor, not two. Do not make the movements back and forth, it's extra seconds. It is not necessary to faint if somewhere accidental missed a few centimeters.

It is equal important to put in order the bathroom and toilet, this would need about 9 minutes:

11. Preliminary preparation. Apply a sink, toilet, shower or bath cleanser - it will help to clean the surface with dirty.

12. Wipe walk-in shower and bathroom. If you need to scrub the surface of the bath or shower, just wipe them with a cloth, then rinse with a pre-applied cleaner and close the shower curtain.

13. Cleaning the mirror. Spray the mirror liquid for washing glasses, then starting from the top, a circular motion, wipe the surface.

14. Cleaning the toilet. Sprinkle baking soda or dry cleaner to the inner surface of the toilet bowl, thorough clean the toilet brush, then drain the water several times. Then with the help of micro-fiber cloth and wipe the spray universal external surfaces of the toilet tank and bowl.

15. Clean the sink. To clean dirt from hard to reach areas, use a toothbrush is not required.

16. My floor. With the help of microfiber mop, wipe the floor. Start with the far corner and move back to the exit.

The last step - living and for cleaning will take us about 15 minutes:

17. Cut the existing mess. Quick inspect and check the degree of contamination of the room, while alert to litter and standing wrong things. Put all the details in place. Magazines and newspapers neat folded on the coffee table.

18. Dust. Clean in the same way as in the bedroom room.

19. Mirrors and glass surfaces. For quality cleaning glass surfaces and mirrors, use a universal means of glass cleaner and a soft cloth rag. Wipe the surface with circular movements.

20. The vacuum cleaner. Start vacuuming from the far corner of the room and move back to the exit.

Using the proposal of the Board, you will need only 50 minutes to restore order throughout the apartment. Of course this is not the deep cleaning, but your guests will pleased with what they saw.

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