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Where to start cleaning the apartment?

In our house, we regular maintain order, and it seems that it is easy to clean apartment. Vacuum, wipe off the dust on the furniture, water flowers and fill the bed, what do you need? But if you want to scrub and wash all to shine? It turns out that it takes almost a day off (or at least half), and from fatigue will all ache. Have a happy hostess who invited assistant and she copes with the guidance of professional purity. Perhaps she knows the secrets of easy and effective cleaning? If so, can you tell them to us? Reluctance to fill the cones and learn from their mistakes. Your contemporaries are searching for the answer as easy to start and finish cleaning the Internet.

We are able to keep our house is always clean, and deal one day in the week. Join us! Getting Started! First, you need to clear things up and put them in place. Then careful vacuum the floor surface, not missing a single corner for hard to reach areas, use special nozzles. Do not forget to vacuum the baseboards and walls, soft furnishings and window sills. Next, using a damp cloth to wipe the dust from the chandeliers, cabinets with shelves. Don't forget about paintings, with a radiator, mirror polish and rub furniture polishes.

When the "top" has removed, proceed to the "bottom" - my floor. In the water necessary to add detergent, if the room laid fluffy carpet, you need to rub it with a sponge foam. Wait 2-3 hours for vacuum all the room is ready.

The bathroom polish to shine tile, mirrors, sinks, faucets, etc.

In the clean and fresh room to be nice, but cleaning - it is hard work and not always have the time to achieve the desired result. CoolClean offers its services cleaning houses in Ocean City and Ocean Pines. All work will carried out by specialists and by your requirements. Entrust clean your apartment to professionals!

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