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Frightened by the imminent general cleaning of the apartment?

It is not necessary to despair, solution is CoolClean LLC. Your home today will shine with perfect purity, because professional cleaning is our favorite job.

Our staff do the best, and the result is always brilliant! Because when it comes to the professionals, the house is transforming in front of your eyes.

Prices of our services are available for everyone. You have a chance entrust a deep cleaning of your apartment to employees of our company. So, you'll have time for different, more useful and interesting things.

As a rule, deep cleaning of the apartment needs to be done once in a few months. Although some owners prefer to "deep clean" their home twice or even once a year.

List of works of deepcleaning includes:

  • Removing all the dirt;

  • Washing windows, window frames, sills and window sills;

  • Cleaning the bathroom includes cleaning plumbing, walls, floors and other surfaces with disinfectants;

  • Cleaning the kitchen includes cleaning of kitchen equipment and washing wall tiles from floor to ceiling;

  • Cleaning of ventilation grilles;

  • Cleaning carpets and floor coverings;

  • Processing pieces of furniture and household appliances by professional cleaners and polishes;

  • Washing floors;

  • Wet cleaning of the inner surfaces of furniture;

  • Cleaning and polishing glass surfaces, mirrors, instruments, household lighting, doors and door handles;

  • Collection and removal of debris.

If necessary, the list can be expanded. Our specialists use only professional, efficient and environmental friendly detergents and cleaning products.

Entrust a purity of your house to the company CoolClean LLC!